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Design // She is Lovely

posted on: August 29, 2013

I’m so excited to show you a recent blog make-over I just did for Sheila over at She Is Lovely. She wanted my signature style – simple, minimal, and classic, with a neautral – black, white and grey color scheme, and a lot of white space. I’m going to be honest, I played around with A LOT of headers before I decided to mix it up with some hand-writing and bold fonts. To make things a little fun, I threw in some color. Sheila said her favorite color is Tiffany’s blue, but the pop of color was a little too much, so we decided to go with this more subtle, neutral blue-grey tone.

Design // The Daylee Journal

posted on: August 19, 2013

For those who don’t know Marsa, you need to go check her out! Not only is she beautiful and stylish, she’s super sweet and HILARIOUS. The Daylee Journal is a place where she shows us her fabulous outfits and gives us a peek into her relationship with her husband, Jerry. They’re pretty much perfect. And my fianc√© and I refer to them as our twin couple. Really.
She just asked for a mini make-over – clean things up a bit. Marsa wanted two things – Jerry and triangles, so I put them together for the header! I didn’t really mess with the fonts and whatnot, since she wanted to keep that the same – just gave it a little face lift with the graphics. What do you think?

Check it out // The Daylee Journal

Design // The Hanh Solo

posted on: June 14, 2013

Last month, Hanh asked me to help re-design her blog. I’ve always admired her style, so of course I was happy to help! This is the first time I’ve ever worked with WordPress, so it took me a little longer to figure out the dashboard and widgets, but I finally got it!
She wanted something simple, neutral and modern. After many header samples, this was our favorite – especially since it’s unique as I got to incorporate my handwriting.
A couple weeks after her site was completed, I got this sweet package in the mail. Remember when I said I wanted the Anthro Monogram Mug in this post? Well Hanh saw it and sent me one! Along with a pretty necklace, bracelet, and the sweetest Thank You card!

This is one of the many reasons I love doing this – it’s appreciative gestures like this that I’m so grateful for.

Make sure you check out The Hanh Solo – she really is beautiful, inside and out!

Design // Life a la Steph

posted on: April 17, 2013

I am happy to show you some other graphics I recently designed. I didn’t do a whole blog makeover this time, Stephanie just asked for a new header and main image on the side for her blog. She wanted something simple and classy, black & white. I personally love this header, and it really resembles her style. I had so much fun working with her… we got a little carried away chatting about other things, but we got it done, nonetheless.

Blog Makeover // L’esthetique

posted on: April 15, 2013

I was so happy and excited when Tiana asked me to give her blog a little makeover. I “met” Tiana when I first started blogging a few months ago and fell in love with her pretty style and positive words. She described what she wanted in terms of home decor haha – “ethereal, simple and comfortable, but beautifully executed. Like rustic wood floors, exposed brick and fun colored pillows.” We have similar styles so it was super easy and fun to design for her. Can I say I love it, and it’s so pretty?

Check out L’esthetique and let me know what you think!!

Happy Monday!!!

PS. Emma Deer’s Birthday Bash Giveaway.

Weekend Font // Single Sleeve

posted on: March 30, 2013

Single Sleeve / dafont.com