June 3, 2016

Hello friends! I know it’s been way too long. Work has been crazy and we actually just got back from a spontaneous trip to Hong Kong – which I hope to share some pics soon. But right now, lets talk about Rikumo – a lifestyle brand that celebrates Japanese craftsmanship, design, and aesthetics. These products were actually some of the first things in our new home. Not only do they fit beautifully, but they’ve set the atmosphere and created a lifestyle. We start off the mornings with a mist of hinoki and end the nights with the refreshing, relaxing scent of cucumber, watercress and mint – water soy candle. Their room shoes are amazing – simple, light and what my feet slip into the minute I come home from work. I shared some of my favorites, but seriously, I want it all.

fish soap, charcoal toothbrush, claire towel, blanche towel, charcoal facial puff, scent diffusing stones, aroma diffuser, sasawashi room shoes, hinoki home aroma mist, the design cover – toothpaste cover

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