Marfa | Texas

October 2, 2014

A couple weeks ago we decided to take a spontaneous trip out to Marfa, Tx – I mean, if not now, when?? We packed our bags, hit the road, and drove hundreds and hundreds of miles out to west Texas.
When trying to decide where to stay, we were initially between El Cosmico and Thunderbird, but since it was so last minute, El Cosmico was all booked, Thunderbird had a room or two left, so we thought okay Thunderbird it is. BUT THEN, I came across Corte Del Norte and oh my goodness, I immediately fell in love! They have two houses – Rock City House and The Love House. We decided on Rock City House because it was just the two of us, and we wanted something smaller. Wow, what a beautiful space. These photos really don’t do it justice. It’s simple, stylish, and filled with Marfa culture. Really, I could’ve stayed in the whole trip and be perfectly fine.
Our first stop was Prada Marfa of course. I couldn’t contain my excitement, I’ve been wanting to see this art instillation in person for the longest time! Getting a photo of this was worth the entire trip. When we finally got to Marfa, we hit up Food Shark and tried the Marfalafel and a chicken wrap – delish! After walking and exploring, we had dinner at Cochineal – the food, vibe, and people were all amazing! It’s a little pricey, but totally worth it! For breakfast, we started the day with Squeeze Marfa – coffee and chocolate croissants for me! Cast + Crew was right next door to our house, so of course we stopped by once or twice to admire vintage items, neon, and the most beautiful and unique Eames and Bertoia chairs.
Marfa is such a beautiful, unique small town tucked away in West Texas. If you ever have the opportunity to go, I highly recommend it!

| Corte Del Norte
| El Cosmico
| Hotel Paisano
| Thunderbird

| Cochineal
| Food Shark
| Squeeze Marfa

| Cast + Crew
| Marfa Book Co
| Marfa Lights