Getting Active

August 13, 2014

sports bra | pink shorts | nike free flyknit 4

white tank | track shorts | nike tr 4

I need to get active. I’ve become a sedentary bum and starting to feel pretty crappy – physically and mentally. We used to go on evening walks / jogs after dinner, which was my way of working out, unwinding, and clearing my head all in one. Now that I’m working, I literally come home, eat, shower and knock out. I’ve never wanted to let a 9 to 5 get to me, but here I am using it and making excuses. So, I started incorporating these 7 minute workouts into my evenings, and it’s made such a difference – trust me, a little goes a long way. And I’m going to start getting back into yoga soon – my body and mind will thank me for that. Even in all the busyness and exhaustion, remember to find time to take care of yourself.
How do you stay active?

  • Sabbie Narwal

    Those workout outfits are easily the prettiest I’ve seen. Personally, I love to run and do pilates (dvd workouts, whoo!) and the best thing is that my lungs got used to opening up during these workouts so that whenever I don’t workout, I feel like I can’t breathe all day. Basically forming a sort of healthy addiction, I suppose, and forcing me to exercise. Yay!

  • Cath

    Those pink shorts are the cutest! I’ve been riding horses ever since I was a little girl. Some might argue that horseriding isn’t much of a workout (believe me it is), but for me it’s the perfect way to clear my head. It’s like meditation!

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      Ahh, that has to be the best way to stay active – horseback riding. I’ve only had the opportunity to do that a few times in my life, and it was amazing. There’s something so special about having that connection with such a beautiful being. And yes, it IS a workout!!

  • bri

    i’ve found that if i don’t exercise regularly i get in an awful mood. the best therapy for me is also the best workout. when it gets too crazy in here with the kids i just toss them in the stroller and go for a run!

  • Chelsea

    Me too girl! I’m really starting to feel the pressure (especially after looking at recent outfit pictures) to get back into some kind of fitness routine. I’m trying to work in a little yoga and I love going on walks!

  • Amber

    I need to get back to my regular workouts, asap. I feel so much better, even when I just do a quick 25-30 minute workout. I also feel ten times more motivated to work out when I have fresh gear to wear to the gym or at home doing videos. I love the grey track shorts you’ve shared.

    My go to workout when I’m at the gym alternates depending on my energy levels. Typically, I aim for 30 minutes of straight cardio and then mixed strength exercises. When I’m at home working out, I love Fitness Blender’s workout videos. Definitely looking into the 7 minute workout you posted!

  • heather

    I feel ya, girl. I’m in the same boat with my work routine right now – by the time I get home, the only things I have enough energy for are dinner, a shower, and a swan-dive into bed. I need more hours in the day! My attempts to wake up earlier and workout in the morning is going semi-well. Sometimes though, the idea of going for a run at 6am is a little rough.

    A 7-minute workout sounds *right* up my alley, so thanks for sharing!!

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      Yes, so happy that someone understands this 9-5 thing… and trust me, I get up about 15 minutes before I have to leave for work, so no to the 6am run haha

      Definitely try to fit the 7 min workout, and let me know how it goes – just a way to get some blood pumping and your body moving! :)

  • libys11

    cute work out outfits!!! for exercise, i try and bike 3-4 times a week. although sometimes the 9-5 tires me out too, i just might have to try that 7minute work out! :D

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  • Haylee

    Man I think those outfits are exactly what I need to get myself back out and running again as well. I know that’s probably lame but there’s so motivating about cute workout clothes. haha

  • Huong

    I felt like that too so I started doing more yoga a couple of months ago and mix it up with a little cardio and weights depending on the day of the week. I work from because they have GREAT videos ranging from 7 minutes to 1 1/2 hours so I can adjust according to how much time I have. I love how they are real and mess up on the video too, haha! Makes me feel a lot better about myself. :P

  • Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    The running shorts are so, well, pretty!! Funny enough, I’ve also been doing 7 minute workouts summer evenings too, right before I hop into the shower. (I do a different one though, it’s an app on my iPad called 7 Minute Workout :P) Anyways, I read somewhere that if you don’t feel like working out, you should just force yourself into some active wear, and that will make you more inclined to start. Somewhere in that article there was also something about working out early in the morning, starting before your brain even realizes what you’re doing, which means no time to say no! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      Oh, I need to check out that App – does it have different workout routines? Also, I’m going to have to agree with the article, there have been days when I just absolutely don’t feel like doing anything, but it’s the getting up and doing it that’s the hardest. So sometimes just putting on some active gear gets me to go outside and start a walk or a jog… and it’s all good from there :) I’m going to try the morning thing too, but my brain is very keen on staying in bed and sleeping ;)

      • Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

        You can check out the app in the app store here. It has different workout routines, but they’re in-app purchases. You can only get one for free, but I don’t use it frequently enough to get bored of it :P Also, it’s just a short seven minute workout, which isn’t long enough for me to get bored of. There are also fun achievements to aim for! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Joyce

    I can’t believe how pretty you made work-out clothes look!

    To stay active, I usually go running outside in Astoria, New York for about 30-40 minutes. I try for 2-3 times a week, but sometimes it goes down to 1. I use mapmyrun. And when I travel, it usually gives me running courses nearby so I don’t get lost. I add in crunches/planks/other abs and lunges. I try to attend exercise classes when I can, but usually don’t have the time.