Safe & Stylish in the Sun

June 20, 2014

Who is excited about summertime?!? I can’t say I’m really looking forward to the scorching heat or excessive sweating, but I’m super excited for longer days, some pool time, picnics, and of course summer vacation!
With all that said, I’m sure most of us will be spending most of summer days outside, so it’s important to take precautions and protect yourself from those UV rays. I do believe that some sunlight is good for you – it’s the main source of Vitamin D, but we all know too much UV can be harmful. I’ve joined HSN in their “Safe and Stylish in the Sun” campaign to bring awareness and help women keep their skin healthy.

| Clothing and accessories such as large brim hats, sunglasses with UV protection, and cute little cover-ups can help protect your face, eyes, and body from absorbing UV rays.
| Use beauty products that contain SPF – moisturizer, foundation, lip balm – you will look good and have additional face protection
| Wear sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. I’m going to be honest, I’m not a big fan of mainstream sunscreen with all those chemicals. I look for products that are natural / organic, paraben free, and have zinc oxide as the only sunscreen ingredient.
Do you have any tips for protecting yourself while having fun in the sun?? Please share!
Happy weekend!

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  • Sarah | Safaris and Sunsets

    That combo up there – the hat, shades and suit – is the sweetest! I may just have to purchase every one of them. ;)

  • bri

    wow. okay. well, you’ve inspired me to go to the beach this weekend just from that first outfit. now if i can find a good-looking swim suit …

  • Huong

    I’m the same way with sun protection. I always look for beauty products as natural as possible that also protect me from the sun. It’s funny because I’ve been wearing sunglasses long before they became “trendy” so that’s probably my favorite way to protect myself. Hats on the other hand, I’m still trying to muster up the courage, ha! Have a great weekend, love!

  • Court

    Just between me and you, I am so bad at protecting myself from the sun! I’ve literally only worn sunscreen once or twice ever. Crazy, right? My mom never put it on me when I was little, and I’ve only burned once…so I don’t have too much of an incentive to try to protect my skin. It’s terrible and I really, really need to get better at it. Good thing I like that’s though!

  • Nan // Simply Elegant

    I get very anxious about too much sun, it is just not worth it to have a great tan but have all the risks of a bad burn. I always try to wear a hat, from a panama hat at the beach or sometimes even an old baseball cap.
    I have also been eyeing some beach covers that has sun protection in it, have you heard of Cover Clothing? They have some wonderful beach pieces with built in UPF protection. I am eyeing this top
    Love the J.Crew top hat that you posted! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

  • Yolonda J Washington

    Love the swimsuit. And always a fan of fresh sugar lips

  • libys11

    i can just imagine that one piece with that hat!!! so fab!! :)

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  • Miranti // Pen & Peplum

    Great picks! I especially love the long embroidered dress and I’m a huge fan of tarte. I love using aloe on my skin after spending time in the sun – so soothing! I hope you’re enjoying your summer :)

  • Latrina | oftreesandhues

    So beautiful! I love how you put this together, V. :) I can’t get over how gorgeous that swimsuit is — floral! Ah, my heart. :) I want it so badly, and those cover-ups are gorgeous too! The long one being my favorite. :)

    Such a great post to kick off the summer!

  • Chelsea

    I love this! Summer is such a love/hate time for me. I really enjoy longer days and getting outside (especially after the longest winter ever) but I’m not liking all of the sweat this year lol. Loving those fantastic cover-up options though!

  • Nnenna

    I’m pretty excited that summer has arrived and I’m hoping I can get away to the beach soon. As always, your graphics are so adorable Victoria- I hope you’re doing well!


    Great choices! My favorite though is the maxi dress which is a must for hot summer days!

  • Laken

    I just discovered your site, and it’s gorgeous. Love your design style.

  • Kate

    I love the blush cover-up! So perfect.