Leather Goods

April 28, 2014

I’ve always had an admiration for beautiful leather goods, and these are no exception. I’ve never been a watch person, but that’s because I haven’t found anything that looks right / good on my tiny wrist. I want something minimal, simple and versatile – something I can wear daily with any look – and well, those leather watches by The Horse embody all of that – perfection.
Does anyone have a pair of the pons sandals? I’ve seen them on so many people, but I haven’t gotten a pair myself! I definitely need to give them a try :)

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  • Sydney

    I loooove those watches and I definitely need that tan wallet in my life! :)

  • Sabbie Narwal

    You can’t find something to fit your wrist either? Finally someone who understands! My favourite watch is a thick leather band (to disguise my bony wrist), but I also love a bracelet type one where the watch is a charm (delicate enough to compliment a smaller wrist while feeling substantial enough to appease me. And, yes, leather goods are amazing! I love watching historical films and seeing how they used leather for just about everything, making everything pretty darn cool.

  • thao

    This whole round up is just beautiful (as always). The pons would be SO CUTE on you!! Thanks for including us XOXO

  • Nnenna

    I used to wear watches everyday but then for some reason I stopped. Those leather watches above are making me want to wear watches again though!

  • Anni

    I have the same problem with any bracelets/watches! Curious to hear if you did buy the watch, and how it worked out – I’ve had my eye on that one for awhile now, it’s beautiful!

  • Alecia

    Hey you! Yes to the pons sandals….they looks incredibly comfortable and cute :)

  • Kelly Brito

    I actually avoid leather as much as I can. But man, those watches are AWESOME!

  • Yolonda J Washington

    Okay, so I’m a watch person. And these look great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sarah

    I’ve never been a watch gal either! My husband always wears one, but I’ve just never found one that really spoke to me, or actually a need for one since my iphone is always within arm’s reach. I haven’t tried the Pon’s, but I just bought a pair of saltwater sandals (minimal, leather) for my daughter, and I think I might need a pair in my size too!

  • helen

    i don’t wear watches either…i think the majority of them are much too bulky, but of course, you find the perfect minimalistically gorgeous one!!! :)

  • Carolyn

    the simple large-faced watches caught my eye!


  • Ellie

    Love those watches and that pair of sandals makes me happy :3

  • juni

    oh these are lovely!! especially the wallets. I’ve been on the hunt for a new wallet and that’s definitely going on my list.

  • drinkcitra

    I love how simple all of these leather goods are! I would love to try on those sandals…hehe

  • Anna-Rosa

    Oh I need summer!! I bought these sandals last year and I can’t wait to wear them again!!

  • Court

    If you do pick up the pons shoes, please tell me how they fit! They look like they might not stay on the foot very well in the back (which is my biggest pet peeve), but if they do, I definitely want to snag a pair – that are SO CUTE! I hope you are doing well xoxo

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      I will definitely let you know, Court! I’m just worried about how it will look on my super wide feet! :-/ Miss you, can’t wait to get back into this whole blogging thing! Hope you’re well xoxo

  • Wing

    Loving all of this, naturally :) The pons are great..I’m still breaking mine in but they go with everything! The hardest part is picking the right shade…so many to choose from!

  • Kate

    Beautiful finds! I’m also looking for a nice and simple watch. Who knew it was such a task to find? I’m definitely looking into those, they’re just along the lines of what I was searching after.

    Speaking of leather goodies, I’m giving away a little leather-bound travel journal on my blog this week if you’re interested…

  • Kate

    I love those watches!

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