Living Room Glass + Giveaway

March 25, 2014

I am so excited to introduce you to Living Room Glass! Not only are these terrariums absolutely beautiful, they’re also environmentally friendly – Jessie creates each piece by hand with recycled glass and lead free solder – so good, right? And can we take a minute to admire this lookbook? I mean, the photostyling is incredible!

I always think it’s so interesting to learn about other creatives – how they got started and where they find inspiration. Jessie is no exception, when she told me her story, I knew had to share it with you exactly how it was written, in her own words.

I started cutting glass in 2004 when I worked for another stained glass studio here in Cincinnati. For 8 years I worked there, designing and building stained glass windows for local restaurants, churches, and historic homes. It was time to move on in 2012, so I started my current career as a commercial photo stylist. But I missed having my hands on glass, so I started making my own glass pieces at home. And I settled on the terrarium idea because that was something I never got to make while working for the other stained glass studio. It was nice to be my own boss and make my own designs!

In 2013 I took a trip to the west coast. In an old San Francisco storefront I saw a geometric glass terrarium that was made in the 70’s. It blew my mind. Of all of the 1970’s crafts that are making a comeback now, I was most attracted to these glass plant holders. The hard lines of the glass juxtaposing with the soft organic plants made so much sense to me. So I came home and built 15 terrariums/planters that were inspired by California design, 70’s craft, and desert plants.

It was important to me to not buy brand new glass when there are plenty scraps of glass in this world. So I get my scrap glass from a local re-use store here in Cincinnati, called Building Value (it’s a great place with a great cause). But sometimes I need colored glass which is not as easy to find, so I buy those scraps from a local stained glass studio. Which is where I also buy my lead-free solder, and black-back copper foil. I use the “copper-foil” method, aka “Tiffany” style, because it is best suited for 3d glass work.

I make these pieces in my living room that I converted into a studio (never walk barefoot in my home, so many glass shards)! While I do miss having a nice sitting area, it’s been so nice working in my own home. I’m much more encouraged to work when I only have to walk into the next room, and I’m surrounded by my own plants, furniture and kitchen! It can get lonely though in a one person studio, so I have friends over a lot for collaborations. My next collaboration is going to be with my friends at the Brush Factory, we’ll be making candle holders and plant stands together. Lighting is the obvious next step for me. Glass just naturally looks best when lit up!


For my 1 year blogging anniversary, Jessie is generously giving away this diamond tabletop terrarium – it’s absolutely beautiful! You can enter by using the rafflecopter below.

Giveaway is for US residents only. Begins March 25, 2014 and ends April 8, 2014. Photos were provided by Living Room Glass. | |