February in an Instant

March 2, 2014

Goodbye February and Hello March…. we are getting closer and closer to Spring which makes me SO excited!

01 | Found an old tin can and stuck some green + white in it, one of my favorite arrangements

02 | Thank you Abbie for these beautiful Made in Rye leather clutch and heart locket

03 | Had so much fun spending a morning with Kadie and capturing her beautiful workspace

04 | Still swooning over Elizabeth Suzann’s Reece Sweater

05 | Playing with tulips for a collaboration project

06 | Collaborated with Madewell for #denimmadewell #flashtagram. Thank you Madewell for my new favorite sunfade skinny skinny jeans

07 | Enjoying some coffee and chocolate ;)

08 | Just doing some weekend shopping at Sunroom

09 | “Wherever you are, be all there” – Jim Elliot. Be Present – a much needed reminder

February was a busy, crazy good month, but I’m excited and anxious about some more changes coming soon… here’s to March. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!