Elizabeth Suzann

March 24, 2014

Okay before I get into how much I love Elizabeth Suzann, I wanted to let you know that my one year blog anniversary is this week (tomorrow, March 25, to be exact) – YAY! And to thank you all for your love, support, and encouragement, I’m having some of my friends help me celebrate the best way I know how – giving to you and supporting local creatives! First one up is the incredibly sweet and talented Elizabeth Pape.
Elizabeth is a self-taught designer who has an amazing eye and talent for creating pieces that are both beautiful and functional. She strives for simplicity, quality, and longevity by developing thoughtful, well-designed garments that can be dressed up or down and worn any time of the year. She uses natural plant / protein based materials – including silk, cotton, linen and, rayon – which feel better against your skin, get softer with each wear, and last longer. Naturally, Elizabeth Suzann is filled with timeless looks that are simple, beautiful, and effortless!
Take one look at the lookbook, and you’ll fall in love! I can see myself living in the cal skirt, wearing it everywhere, even my wedding, perhaps?? ;) I tried to pick my favorites to share with you, but it was too hard, I love it all!
Elizabeth is generously giving Oh So Pretty readers 10% off your entire order with the promo code SOPRETTY on Elizabeth Suzann. Eeek, so excited!

Images from Elizabeth Suzann. Promo code SOPRETTY expires April 7, 2014.