Weekend Links

February 21, 2014

01 | House Plants 101 My house has been filling up with greens, and it makes me so happy. Bri put together a guide with tips on how to care for some common houseplants. What are you growing in your home?
02 | Inspire, Believe, Create Wallpaper Corina is my girl, and she made these amazing wallpapers for you to download – the graphic and hand lettering are serious perfection. Talk about inspiring ;)
03 | Lesson Learned: Days in Hours Am I the only one who feels like there’s not enough hours in the day?? I’ve been a mess lately, hence the lack of posts :-/ I’ll get better I promise, especially after reading this post. Cassie did a little experiment to help her visualize how her time is spent – pretty genius.
04 | Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix This is for all my friends affected by the blizzard / snowstorm. Stay warm!
Happy weekend!