DIY | Mini Vase Magnets

February 3, 2014

Let me preface this by stating, I haven’t played with any type of clay since middle school :) These cute little vases were so easy to make, they turned out quite well, in my opinion.


Note – I listed what I used next to each supply, feel free to substitute

| Clay | Air Hardening Clay
| Glue | E6000
| Magnets | Disc Magnets
| Paint
| Floral

01. Start off with a golf ball size amount of clay and roll it to about 1/8 in.

02. Carefully mold it into a miniature vase – you can make it whatever size / shape you’d like

03. Follow the baking instructions if you get oven baked clay. Since I used Air Hardening Clay, I just let it harden over-night.

04. Paint / decorate it however you’d like, and glue a magnet on the back | NOTE the magnet I used (and listed above) is super strong, so make sure you use a super strong glue.

It’s now ready to house your favorite bloom and decorate your fridge :) | |