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January 29, 2014

Allow me to introduce you to Abigail McKenzie, aka Abbie. She is not only amazingly talented and creative, she is kind, hard working, and truly inspirational. Just a few weeks ago, she was selling her belongings, packing her bags, and buying a one way ticket to New York to follow her dreams. Living in Texas her whole life, she was nervous, excited, and anxious about the big change, but said “life is about challenging yourself and simply about doing things” – you go, girl! She has now moved, settled in, and began her journey of pursuing her dreams and passions.

What started off as a jewelry line in 2012 has evolved into a brand focused on handcrafted leather products, with each leather item cut, dyed, and stitched by hand.

Abbie describes her style as very minimal – simple pieces of jewelry that are universal – either to wear alone or great for layering – “I primarily use a lot of natural stones and freshwater pearls in my jewelry pieces – turquoise is a definite must!”

And for her leather goods – “When constructing leather items, I will go to the local leather shop and choose a hide from a pile. My favorite hides are the ones with lines and rough edges. It adds character to the piece and a lot of times you will see those rough edges on the closing parts of my clutches. Instead of cutting the edge off to make a straight or v-cut finish, I like to leave the rough, asymmetrical look.”

I am so happy to have gotten to know Abbie. Not only do I love her simple, neutral style – I simply just adore and admire her for who she is. She has been a constant inspiration to me, and I look forward to seeing all her future creations!

Jewelry pictured above: buffalo tooth. Leather goods pictured above: mini coin purse, hand-stitched file, unisex cardholder, leather clutch. Images and quotes provided by Abigail McKenzie.

  • Samantha [ little green ]

    Wow, that is pretty inspirational stuff! The products are also beautiful, especially the leather clutch in the last picture :) xx

  • Sarah

    Those products are stunning! Heading over to check out the whole shop now…

  • Huong

    First of all, I must say, “YOU GO GIRL!” I love, love, love seeing people taking huge leaps of faith to follow their dreams! Secondly, she totally has my attention because turquoise is my FAVORITE color. Lastly, that leather clutch is so amazing! I love how the stitching stands out. Thank you for introducing her, love! I will definitely be checking out her shop! XO

  • Gloria

    Wow, kudos to Abbie for picking up and moving to NYC! Judging by her beautiful store, she’ll be just fine here :-)

  • Brooke

    Wow—such chic and beautiful pieces! I love the simplicity. Amazing story. I love hearing about brave and motivated people who follow their passions.

  • Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

    Wow – I’m just loving her products and the organic, natural feel to them! Those are my favorite! Those mini leather coin purses are so cute! Thanks for the intro, V – going to check the rest of her stuff out now! Hope you’re having a great week!! <3


    Beautiful story, the girl has guts!! I always try to add a bit of leather to my look as often as possible and she has the aesthetic that I gravitate towards. Great work Abbie, good luck with all future endeavors!

  • abbie

    im so touched by all of these lovely comments. thank you so much ladies! your support and kindness if what keeps me going.

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      So incredibly happy to get to share your story with the world, Abbie! You’re such an inspiration and so extremely talented! Wishing you the best, and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next! Talk soon! xo

  • Laicie / A Thousand Threads

    Every single one of these pieces is to die for – thanks for sharing, lady!!

  • Miranti

    These pieces are gorgeous – I love Abbie’s aesthetic. I wish her all the best :)

  • libys11

    loving their leather goods!! :D

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  • Kelly Brito

    Love it how we tend to start in one direction and end up working with very different (yet similar) crafts.

  • Alecia

    I have been admiring her stuff from a far ever since I layed eyes on her pieces. :) So happy she is following her dreams. I cannot wait to see what else she has in store.

  • |Harmonyanddesign|

    Naturales, delicados y sencillos. Qué maravilla!

  • tana

    these pieces are lovely and minimal indeed! Really loving the styling on the top two photos. Superb! :)

  • Latrina

    I love this series of yours, my dear. And this article was so well written! I love how you put these together. :) Abigail sounds like such a fabulously talented gal and I’m super excited that she’s following her dreams. I love inspirational stories like this!

    Thanks so much for sharing. I’m bookmarking Made in Rye right now. :) LOVED the “about me” section of her shop!

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      Oh Trina, you really are the sweetest! I’m so glad you love this series, I just love meeting new creatives and sharing their story! They’re all such inspirations, and Abbie is no exception. I’m so glad she’s touched you, she really has such a big heart!

      I hope you are getting lots of rest and feeling better, dear. Sending you lots of love and hugs! xo

  • Sally

    Oooh her stuff is absolutely gorgeous! Also, it’s pretty inspiring how she just upped and moved to NY! I feel like I need a bit more spontaneity in my life! | |