January 9, 2014

How cute are these glass vessels? I saw them at the market and thought they’d be perfect for my wax flowers :) So the first full week of 2014 is almost at an end, and I’m feeling good! “Bloom where you’re planted” – something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately because, well, my situation is far from what I thought it’d ever be. Not that it’s a good or bad thing, but just how life is. Sometimes we can plan all we want, but it just doesn’t go that way.

Now more than I ever I just want to live, learn and grow.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Happy Thursday!

  • Dani

    I am thinking about buying glass vessels similar to those from uncommongoods! Now that I see them in use, I love them! I agree – I want 2014 to be a year of living, learning & growing! Happy Thursday, V!

  • Kelsey @ Pinegate Road

    How gorgeous! Since moving to Cleveland, it’s been a goal of mine to always keep fresh flowers around. I’ve been using very simple glass vases, but it might be time to invest in more special ones after seeing this! Love your mentality on blooming where you are, it’s refreshing to hear in the over-arching mentality of goal setting and future thinking going on this time of year. Cheers friend.

  • Brooke

    These vases are beautiful! Perfect for those flowers :) I love your positive attitude! I totally agree, it’s more about the journey, growth and relationships along the way that are important and make you who you are. Things will never be exactly as planned! xo

  • Huong

    Gorgeous vases, my love! I love the mindset you have. Not too long ago, we had missionary month and a family who was headed to Mexico spoke about being where God wants you to be and said, “Don’t be here in Texas if He wants you in China and don’t be in China if He wants you in Texas.” It stuck with me ever since because sometimes I feel like not much is happening where I’m at and then with life’s experiences, He reminds me it’s exactly where I need to be. I’m here for you if you need anything. XO

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      Such good words, Huong and so true. It’s not your plan, but His! It’s been difficult, but we’ve never lost faith. I know there’s a reason for everything, it may not be what we want, but what we need. I hope you’re having a great week! xo

  • Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    I have been thinking about this a lot too :) Actually have a drafted post for today about the idea! Tampa didn’t feel ideal to me at all, but I’m starting to feel at home here. It’s so important to remember that perspective is everything. We can choose to embrace where we are. Beautiful photo, V!

  • Valerie C | Lily on Fillmore

    these are so gorgeous! love how you can barely even seen the vessels – they’re that clear and transparent. and i like the phrase “bloom where you are planted.” as someone that can never stay in one place, it’s hard to actually feel nurtured and grow when i’m feeling… stuck. time to shake that off!


  • Alecia

    oh goodness this post could not be more true! That has been such a hard life lesson for me this past year – you can plan all you want, but I am not in control of everything. xoxo

  • Amanda

    I LOVE the vessels! you’re right, they are definitely perfect for the flowers you’ve chosen. I’m so glad you’ve had a lovely 2014 so far – here’s to a happy, thriving new year! :)

  • Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

    I’m such a planner, but you’re totally right – life usually never goes as planned :) I’ve come to realize this which is why I’m focusing on just living, learning, and loving what’s in front of me (hence, my post lol). Of course we’d be on the same page today :) Love the flowers, and the vases are just adorable, V – good finds!! xo

  • tana

    There are so many things I love about this post, Victoria! Firstly, those vases are seriously awesome! I think I have a whole shelf dedicated to vases and I’ve never seen any like these. Secondly, grow where you are planted has really resonated with me this past year. Before then, I just didn’t feel content where I was and well, if you can change your situation, you can indeed change your attitude about it, right? Hope you have a wonderful weekend and cheers to living, learning, and growing. :)

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      I have never seen anything like these glass vessels, so when I saw it I just had to get it! They had them in all different sizes – some where smaller, bigger, 3 globes, 5 globes. It was really wonderful.. I had to really think about where I was going to put it to decide which one to get!

      And yes, it’s all about attitude. :) I hope you’re having a wonderful week!

  • Kelly Brito

    I was never much of life plans. Exactly because they hardly went my way. But as I’m getting older, I’m thinking that maybe I was asking and expecting too much of my life plans. Taking small steps might be the secret… :)

  • Miranti | Pen & Peplum

    Sending you big hugs from Sydney! I love that quote…”bloom where you are planted”. I hope you bloom and flourish whatever situation you find yourself in this year :) xx

  • Kevin | Thou Swell

    What a great quote, and this photo is gorgeous! The vase is so funky, I love it! Happy first week of 2014 :)

  • Tori

    Oh gosh – those vases, your photo, that quote, your words; together they make something truly wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing, Victoria.

  • Nikkol | Peter Loves Jane

    Well, you know it’s an unwritten rule that as soon as you plan your life, life changes your plans! The trick, I’ve learned, is to learn how to organically move through life. Learning, growing and giving is what is about.

  • Latrina | oftreesandhues

    Gorgeous! Such beautiful little blooms.

    “Now more than I ever I just want to live, learn and grow.” — I really, really love this line, V. It speaks VOLUMES to me. Thank you! I really need to hear this. <3

  • Nathaniel

    This is such a lovely post, it all knits together really sweetly. Thanks for sharing!

  • |Harmonyanddesign|

    Precioso post, muy personal.
    Besos ♡ ♡

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