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December 6, 2013

happy weekend

happy weekend

photos taken by me

Happy weekend, friends! We went to the market the other day, and I went a little crazy – got myself some peonies, tulips, and hydrangeas :) How beautiful are these pink peonies?? They make me smile every time I see them. I love watching them bloom – starting off as a tiny little bud and blossoming into a big bushel of soft, delicate petals – absolutely gorgeous. I’ll have to take some photos when they’re fully bloomed.

So I’ve been feeling a little burnt out and uninspired lately – don’t know why, but I’m hoping a little rest will clear the mind and allow some creativity flow. I also didn’t get a chance to make any gift guides, but that’s fine with me cause the blogosphere is engulfed with some great one these days. Sharing some of my favorites with you now…

| Lark & Linen – Stocking Stuffers | Foodie | Designer | Comfy

| Likes of Us – Holiday Cards | Him | Her

| Yours Truly – Ladies | Gents | Baker

| Stephanie Sterjovski – Under 50

| La La Lovely – Kitchenette

| Style Me Pretty – Hostess

Do you have any favorite gift guides? Do share :)

Happy weekend!

  • Alecia

    peonies are my absolute favorite flower :) and you are the sweetest V! After spending like 20 hours on those gift guides, I am feeling totally uninspired myself (ha). Need coffee stat – have a great weekend!

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      Omg yes I know how it is to put those things together (especially amazing ones like yours). I just didn’t have the energy or brain power to do it so thank you for doing it for us!! Happy weekend to you and Jon! xo

  • Brooke

    Ahh, we all get in a rut once in a while! Rest is definitely the answer. Those flowers are beautiful—wonderful photos Victoria! Nothing like some pretty flowers to brighten your day :) Have a great weekend!

  • bri

    there have been studies that show flowers make people happier :) i always try to keep some in the house!

  • Kory

    Peonies are so pretty! I’ve never had any, but I think it would be a great way to decorate! I shared a gift guide for the designer last week, but I’m right there with you. The blogosphere seems to be overflowing with them, so I’m not sure I want to do as many as I usually do.

  • Huong

    Hi sweet love! Those peonies are gorgeous! It’s one of my favorite kinds of flowers! You are a wonderful photographer! I’m sorry you feel uninspired. Working hard does drain your energy. Get some rest this weekend! We are going to have to anyway, haha! #iceprincesses

  • tana

    Totally fell in love with peonies last year– so looking forward to fresh blooms this spring. I didn’t know they were already here?? These look absolutely lovely and fresh. Loved your description of the peonies “blossoming into a bushel of soft, delicate petals” I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to describe that. Hope you have a relaxing and recharging weekend, Victoria, with lots and lots of creativity to flowing. :)

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      I know, Tana! I was surprised to see them, but so happy I did :) they’re by far my favorite flowers. I really just love the ball of delicate petals all curled up then blooming – it’s just so soft and beautiful! Hoping to get some relaxation this weekend, and you do the same, sweet lady <3

  • Kara @ Bostonista

    I totally understand how you’re feeling. I call them the December blues because as much as I love the holidays, I hate winter. I get stir-crazy when it gets dark at 4:00 every afternoon- especially when it’s been rainy and gray for days on end!

    But these blush peonies are SO cheerful and inspiring- I might have to spring for some myself!


  • Court

    Peonies?!I’m so jealous! We can’t get them this time of year around here..your’s look absolutely lovely! I hope you have a great weekend, friend :)

  • Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

    Happy Friday love!! Peonies are my favorite and you captured them beautifully!! All great links!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend my dear and don’t worry, we all have those creative ruts! Sleep on it, take some time and you’ll fee refreshed when you come back to it! Also, totally agree with you – making gift guides would make me crazy going through all the good things out there! But thankfully, there are other amazing blogs that have done the work for us! lol :) xoxo <3333

  • sue

    I love peonies… I look forward to my peony plant to bloom every spring, your photos are stunning! I’ll look forward to see photos of them in full bloom.
    hope you get some rest!

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      Oh I would love to have a peony plant! Is it hard to maintain? They’re just so beautiful! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend :)

      • sue

        not at all, they are very easy to maintain, they do not need to divide them or to take them out of the ground in the winter, I have two plants hot pink and light pink… they are so pretty

  • Bethany

    I love gift guides, and I hadn’t seen many of these! I love the multiple gift guides by by Stripes & Sequins (http://stripesandsequins.com/) as well!

  • Kelly Brito

    Lovely, lovely photos! Really, great job, lady! :)

  • Yolonda

    It’s amazing how you can not really know someone but have the same thoughts or experiences. I’m feeling uninspired right now too and I’m hoping that a relaxing weekend will change things up…especially since I need to set some 2014 blog goals. Anyhow, the flowers are gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

    • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

      Isn’t that crazy?? I don’t know what it is, but the creativity isn’t flowing like it used to. I’m sure we just need a break and let our minds rest :) hope you’ll be able to relax and find some inspiration this weekend, Yolonda!

  • Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    Those peonies are gorgeous! One of my favorite flowers :) I’ve been feeling a bit of the same lately, just a little sluggish in the inspiration department. But love these gift guides! Happy weekend :)

  • Sally

    Oh I love peonies, these photos are totally gorgeous!
    There are sooo many lovely gift guides around this year, I was going to do one myself but think I might be a bit late in the game now :)

  • Anna-Rosa

    First of all, your peonies are gorgeous!! I wish I could find peonies here too, but it seems that they don’t “live” in Greece’s climate :( Anyway, I’ve noticed that many people around the blogosphere are feeling a bit uninspired lately. But we have to realize that we don’t have to worry about it. It’s only logical. So, take your time to recharge your batteries sweetie :)

  • Jade

    I adore peonies, they look so elegant.

  • Kyla

    I love this – I’ve been really loving & relying on gift guides this year, as I’ve also been feeling burnt out. It’s only natural, and I’m hoping with a little time I’ll be back on track :) The florals are gorgeous though, there’s nothing like some pretty pink flowers to put a smile on your face.

  • alexa

    Great gift guide links Victoria! I hope you’re feeling more rested this week…I totally know how it goes…it can feel especially hectic this time of year!

  • Amanda Dillon

    These gift guides = perfection. I’m always looking for more inspiration, and this was just the shot of adrenaline that I needed!!! thanks so much for sharing :)

  • Trina

    thanks so much for including me! xo . t

  • Melissa | Yours Truly

    Thanks so much for including my gift guides Victoria! Sending lots of x’s and o’s your way and hoping you’re having a cheerful holiday season :)

  • Melissa | Yours Truly

    p.s. Those peonies are BEYOND gorgeous!