Shop Love // Abacus Row

November 19, 2013

Abacus RowAbacus Row

I am so glad to have the opportunity to connect with Christine of Abacus Row! Not only is she super sweet, she is smart and amazingly talented – with a background in environmental conservation and ethnographic research (say what?!) she ventured into jewelry making as she felt the need to create. Her pieces are bold yet simple, minimal and versatile. Oh, and the packaging… I absolutely love!! Read more about Christine below.

When/how did you find your passion in designing jewelry?

After having spent years entrenched in academics and research-based work, I felt the need to do something different. In particular, I felt a need to design and create. I wanted to put my hands to work and see my productivity in something tactile. I started experimenting with jewelry-making because it was something familiar – one of many hobbies I had growing up – and because I’m just naturally drawn to details. I wanted to create a collection of jewelry that was simple and would allow me to convey my aesthetic and the beauty of really fine details.

Where do you find inspiration?

I get inspired exploring new crafts and learning about different processes. I am naturally inclined to integrate different disciplines so thinking about and experimenting with ways to combine practices excites me. I travel a good bit and I love the outdoors. Though I don’t design jewelry with any particular environment in mind, these places have definitely shaped my aesthetic and style. While designing jewelry requires creative inspiration, I’ve learned that running a business calls for some too. Over the past year, I have met so many incredible makers and new business owners in San Francisco, Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Connecting with some of these people and following their growth has been both inspiring and motivating.

What is your style?

My style is rather minimalist. I’m not one to accumulate much so I have a deep appreciation for timeless designs and well-crafted objects that are made to last. I am drawn to simple designs, natural materials and neutral tones. I also love a good punch of color and glitz, but with the right overall balance. I love dresses with sleeves, oversized-sweaters, a good pair of tapered pants, and button-ups with beautiful collars. For me, it’s really about the littlest and most subtle of details.