Let’s Play A Game | 5 Weird Facts

November 14, 2013

My sweet friend, Corina, tagged me in a fun game she started where you share 5 weird facts about yourself. Love that we’re not only learning more about everyone, we also get to see the little quirks that make us who we are! I’ve had so much fun reading about Court and Trina – now I’m going to share some weird things about myself….

| 1 I am a sports fanatic – mainly football and basketball, but I’ll watch anything! I know you all may think this is weird, but I grew up with all boys and that’s just what we did. Looking forward to this Thanksgiving – family, food and football! Anybody else with me on this?

| 2 Speaking of sports, I’m super competitive. It’s kind of scary – I just don’t like to lose. I’d like to say I’m not a sore loser, but that may not be true – I’m a work in progress.

| 3 I have all the Disney songs memorized – specifically Little Mermaid and Lion King. Arial is my girl! I miss the classics… Disney just isn’t the same these days!

| 4 I’m a true homebody. I don’t go out much and tend to avoid crowded places – some people think it’s weird or boring, but I just prefer being in the comfort of my own home – relaxing and enjoying some quality alone time.

| 5 I don’t handle alcohol well. I’m not even talking about the hardcore liquor, even a wine cooler will make me turn bright red and break out! I’m not sure if it’s an allergic reaction or what, but it’s terrible. I don’t feel any type of buzz – I just go from normal to crap. That’s weird, right?!

I’m tagging – Kelly, Noor, Kadie, Gloria, Jessica.

But I’d like to get to know all of you! Tell me, what’s a weird fact about you??

  • Alecia

    oh man I haven’t done mine yet. :) Oh I feel terrible – I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t have a glass of wine every once and awhile. That might be an allergic reaction :( and I am totally there with you on the whole homebody thing.

  • Valerie | Lily on Fillmore

    I love when people do posts like these — it’s such a charming insight into their lives. All of my family members turn bright, bright red when they have a sip of alcohol, but somehow I bypassed that gene!

    My weird fact:

    xx, Lily on Fillmore

  • Maddie

    haha! number 4 is totally me. as much as i try to change myself to go out and about every single day, sometimes i just like to sit home and search blogs or listen to music. i think its a great thing!! i have realized that nothing is wrong with being a “homebody” because so many people are! :)

  • Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

    Oh love learning these new things about you my dear!! I SO did not know that you were a sports fan! lol! That’s so funny! I’m not much of a sports fan but other than that, we’re so similar! I love all the old Disney movie (especially Little Mermaid!!) and know all the songs! I’m also pretty competitive (i admit to kind of being a sore loser) and am a true homebody (and love it!). Oh, and yes, i think you have an allergy to alcohol! lol!

    I’ve still got my 5 weird facts to do about myself tagged by Corina, so stay tuned!! :) Hope you’re having such a wonderful day love! xoxo <3333

  • Katie

    First, I love your new layout! It’s gorgeous!! Your quirky facts are so fun. Disney classics are indeed the best. I’m trying to round up the DVDs now and then. (:

  • Corina Nika

    So nice to read about you.. Monica! hahhah

    Would love to hear you sing to Ariels songs one day. haha maybe i’ll have that chance soon on Skype :P
    But i’m with ya girl, homebody here and no alcohol at all

  • Court | love court xoxo

    Every time I learn more about you it just makes me think we would make such good friends IRL! Your new site looks so good too. I bet you are really excited about it!! Congrats, pretty lady :)

  • Huong

    I so had no idea that you were a sports fan! I love football and baseball so that just means we have to go to a game together! You and my best friend, Rachel would get along so well! She LOVES Disney and anything musical-related and is competitive like you wouldn’t believe, haha! If it makes you feel better, when I went to Vietnam 20 years ago, we learned that one of my cousins is allergic to chocolate. She turned bright red! Poor thing still ate the entire bag of M&Ms because she loved it so much.

    Weird fact about me: I collect Starbucks giftcards. Their designs are so awesome!

  • Ice Pandora

    I am a seasonal sportfan, like when
    the Olympic Games are on or Worldcup Footbal
    you know c: Xx

  • Noor

    Now you need to make us a youtube video of you breaking out a Disney song lol. Who agrees? I am starting to become a homebody but mainly bc I hate it here :p

    Here is a weird fact about me! I I enjoy going mudding but I would never tell anyone. I am from TN after all lol.


    Oh my goodness, this is fun! Thanks for tagging me!

    I love that you’re a sports gal and the Disney songs…hilarious! I’ve totally become a homebody over the last few years, too. Loved learning more about you!!

  • mary | millay vintage

    Oh goodness, #2 & #4 I totally relate to. I have a good friend of mine who I’ve been close to for years and the only fight we ever had was in the heat of the moment in a monopoly game in a make-it or break-it move…a true, heated argument. That memory still cracks us up! ;)

  • Liz

    Loved reading these! Such a fun sharing game :) I’m right there with you on Disney…Ariel and the Little Mermaid will always be my jam. Wanna know something funny? I have a bunch of iTunes store credit so I downloaded a bunch of ringtones the other day, including the soundtrack tone of “Under the Sea” HAHA.

  • Danielle

    Are we the same person!?! I am the same on everything you mentioned above! A little weird fact about me is when I was little I used to sleep with my The Little Mermaid VHS. I didn’t like to be away from it haha! It was nice getting to know you more! Happy Thursday!!

  • Kelly Brito

    Girls, this “Let’s Play A Game” thing is freaking me out. Is it just me or it has “Saw” written all over it? lol
    Other than that, I love this tag game!!! It’s been really fun to read some unique facts about you ladies! :)

  • Tana

    Love the move to wordpress, Victoria! It’s been on my mind for awhile, maybe I’ll eventually make the switch?

    Also loved learning more about you! Similarly, I have all 90’s pop songs memorized but I think Disney songs might be more respectable to memorize :P That’s so cool that you’re naturally into sports! I’m trying hard to keep up with football and basketball (for my hubby) and asked one of my friends to fill me in on the important things so I could impress him haha–it just took a lot effort!

  • libys11

    awesome facts!!! I’m a big fan of disney classics too!! :D they don’t quite make it the same as before now.

    Animated Confessions

  • Latrina | oftreesandhues

    I love LOVE the quote you included, Victoria!! So good.

    And whoa — I never would’ve thought you being a sports fan! Wow. Wasn’t expecting that one. :P And I love that you love Disney! <3 Also, homebodies are the best. I am such a big home body, I try to get out and do social things.. and I mean, I do! But, I would rather be home with the mister. :)

  • Anna-Rosa

    Oh my god! I thought I was the only one still singing all the Disney songs! How cute there are more people out there doing that!!

  • Gloria

    Haha thanks for tagging me! I TOTALLY know all the Disney songs too. There’s actually a bar here in Brooklyn that often hosts “Disney Singalong” nights :-) So ridiculous, but so funny!

  • jess (creative index)

    Thanks for tagging me girl! I will make a post soon!

    I love sports too! haha Kinda have to when my hubby is obsessed, especially with football and hockey! Sundays are our lazy, all day football watching day! And I’m a total homebody too! I would much rather spend the night in than going out! My sister thinks I’m crazy! haha

  • Irela

    I am super competitive as well, it’s kinda crazy really lol But yes, I know exactly what you mean! Cute list ♥

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