Happy Thanksgiving

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends!! Enjoy this day with your family / loved ones – cherish your time with one another and remember to give thanks for your blessings. To my international friends, wishing you a wonderful weekend also!

A big thank you to those who left a comment in my Thankful Printables post telling me what you’re thankful for. I really enjoyed reading them, and to help celebrate the holiday, I’ve decided to compile and share them with everyone!


Images above (edited by me) are from these blogs accordingly: Alecia | Jessica | Laicie | Corina | Kelly | Kelly | Juni | Sarah | Steph | Cintya | Yolonda | Kristyn | Kory | Allie | Maddie | Rhiannon | Daisy | Miranti | Bri | Alice-Jane | Rowena | Sandy