September in an Instant

October 1, 2013

Oh, Hello October! I cannot believe September has come and gone, just like that…! Where has the time gone? This has been one of my favorite months so far… I always love the changing of seasons, from the warm summer air to the cool Autumn breeze. But more importantly, I feel like I’ve grown and learned so much about myself this month. I finally took a step at pursuing my dreams in design. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with such incredibly people! I know I still have so much to learn, and I’m ready! Let’s do it… excited to see what October has to bring!

What are your favorite memories of September??

  • livwithroses

    A birthday party for my now toddler, and a new job, September was a whirlwind. But this is also my favorite time of the year. I feel like the change of the seasons brings a new start. I can’t wait for rain and movie dates on the couch with the hubs.

    Happy October!

  • Ice Pandora

    Nice favorite stuff from your September! c: Xx

  • Jamie @

    Congrats Victoria! So excited you’re pursuing your design dreams – you have a natural talent! Happy October!

  • lolly

    So great to hear that you’re working towards your dreams! Best to you on your journey – :)

  • Rhonda Mae

    I can’t believe it’s october either… but I’m super excited. lol. My favorite thing about summer was probably all the fair foods. I know, so bad. But delish ;) & the beach of course. Happy October!! xo

  • Andrea

    Oh September ha also been an incredible blur of a month for me but filled with incredible beginnings! Went on a splendid trip with the bf to Cancun and, like you, finally decided to pursue my dreams by kicking of a new (and slooooow moving) blog and more importantly my jewelry shop on Etsy ( Happy October and here’s to another incredible month!

    And as always your pictures are a treat for the eyes :]

    Andrea @ Oh! Jewelicious

  • Louisa

    Pretty pretty pretty everything is so pretty! That’s so great that you’ve taken the next steps to becoming a designer, I’m happy for you!


  • Angel Y.

    Congratulations on taking the first steps! It’s not easy stepping into the design world but with the right people and drive, you can be amazing! Glad you had a lovely month. :)

  • Tania

    Wow, congratulations on taking the steps to pursue your passion!! You’re gonna be so great at it, your designs are already so beautiful!! =)



  • Yolonda J. Washington // DesignRoundup

    Honestly, I couldn’t tell you my favorite memory from September. I guess I better start keeping a journal. I did enjoy going to a Houston Texans game.

  • pixie lei

    Congratulations victoria! I am so excited for you!
    September has been full of fresh new starts & hopeful beginnings :)

  • Jane

    such a great (and pretty!) september! hope your october is just as pink and lovely~ :)

  • Jessica C

    LOVE your instagram!! I seriously am in love with your photo of the painted leaves :) so beautiful! I can’t believe it’s October, either – I feel like August was a blur for me :( And I love rifle paper notebooks – I have one myself! Have a wonderful first day of October, my dear Victoria!! xo <333

  • & Pretty Things

    September seriously went by too fast. I don’t even remember summer coming to an end, but I sure am loving the autumn air :)

    & I’m so excited for you to be pursuing your dreams! bc you’re great at what you do! keep dreaming big :) xo

  • trishie

    Such a beautiful post, Victoria!!! I love that you painted the leaves yourself.

  • love, TPD

    all of those pictures make me happy :)
    one of my favorite memories of september is when I launched my blog with your help! so happy fall is here :) so happy that you’re pursuing your dreams in design!


  • Candy Lee

    I love the Audrey Hepburn book! All of your pictures give September a clean feel. My favorite thing about September is, of course, autumn!

  • Ann

    Lovely pics.
    I love September
    its the month of our wedding anniversary.

  • Latrina M.

    Wow, Victoria, this illustration is absolutely beautiful! I love your creativity, such an eye for design! Love love.

    I am SO glad to hear that September has been good for you. But I know October will only be better! I’m really excited to hear how the ALT class will go. :) I would I could attend!

    I would have to say my September memories would have to be working with so many creatives (like you!) and being completely amazed at how much my blog has grown. September brought along a lot of fun changes and I’m super stoked for October! :)

  • Phuong Peitsch

    Gorgeous site! I always admire such talented people such as yourself who can create beautiful imagery! Love your designs…now excuse me while I stalk your site a bit…

  • Corina Nika

    Oh girl, your style is so divine!! So soft and pretty, you are the most girly girl i’ve ever met!

  • Sophie

    i am in love with your instagram. looks like you had the best month :) wishing you and even better october :)

  • Marsa

    i LOVE your photos victoria! and i’m so glad you finally got an instagram account :) haha


  • Mara Dawn

    Hooray for pursuing your design dreams!

  • Sarah Mc.

    SO, obviously…. meeting my new baby was the best part of my September. UM, and definitely the cooler air! I love that you painted the leaves…. way to give the season a kick start, friend!

  • Irela

    I’m so glad you had a lovely month Victoria! I hope October is just as amazing for you.

  • Noor

    I am glad things are going well for you. You’re really good at design and if you ever have any questions you can ask me anything :)

    I love coffee and watermelon as well I have to admit the watermelons are so good here. That is about all though lol.

  • drinkcitra

    September sure did fly by! There was so much going on! I’m excited for this fall season :D

  • Walk This Way

    oooh, congrats love! I’m so extremly excited for you! Your designs are always so beautiful, so you’re definitely on the right track! ♥ | |