Casual Monday | 11

October 14, 2013

Bag | Sweater | Denim | Tangerine Multi-Stick | Flats
I don’t even know why I have a chunky sweater up there because the summer heat is back… temps were in the 80’s this weekend, plus humidity! Ick! I stayed inside and made use of my time fixing my computer. It started crashing on me! Thankfully I’m always backing up my files on the external, but I was between trying to fix it or just getting a new one. I felt either way, it would delay my design work.

So, finally, I decided to just reformat the hard drive and reinstall the programs, Photoshop being number one. I am hoping it will last me a few more weeks until I can get a MacBook. Can you guys believe I’ve been using a PC all my life? The truth is out! Please don’t judge.

Happy Monday!

  • Danielle Marshall

    This outfit would be perfect for the weather we are having! It’s been rainy and cold. I used a PC for a long time before jumping on the MacBook bandwagon. So glad I did though! It’ll change your life as a designer :)

  • Gaby [The Vault Files]

    Oh my Goodness, once you change to mac you’ll love it!! What a perfect outfit, just bought some similar flats from Old Navy for $15!! Must check out that bag, stunning!

  • & Pretty Things

    oh noo, the thought of my computer crashing is a nightmare >.< but hopefully you won't run into any more issues until the new Macbook purchase :) & that Theory sweatshirt… yes, please. have a great week <3

  • Laicie

    Oh no!! What a nightmare — and I’m sorry you can’t shake the heat! We’ve finally gotten to fall around here, although so far that’s just meant rain. =/ But I’m so excited for chunky fall sweaters, so I love to see one here!

  • Ice Pandora

    Eeeks I am sorry to hear your pc has
    crashed, and don’t worry I’m a pc user as well c: haha and my #1 software is a Photoshop as well and nothing else. Again, nice picks of items here! Xx

  • Jessica C

    Love this outfit, Vic!! The cold is a little back today…I think (haven’t been outside yet lol) but I love this whole color combo and that chunky sweater!! I also loove Ilia products! Oh, and I meant to email you about your computer :) I’m so sorry that happened to you, oh and no judgements! :) That totally sucks! You definitely need to switch over to a Mac if you get the chance – it might be a bit weird to get used to at first, but you’ll love it!!

    Have a great Monday, my dear!! xo <333

  • Jamie @

    Time to covert to Apple! Sorry you’re having computer problems. Summer just won’t go away here either!

  • Corina Nika

    YES for a macbook!! You girl are so going to love it! For us designers it’s like heaven on our hands lol

    I LOVE your monday outfit, since you already know we have the heat too, i just love the total grey inspires me for when finally the fall comes in..

  • Kory

    This outfit is adorable! I can definitely see it being perfect for a fall day. Oh, and don’t worry about being a PC user! Those computers aren’t all that bad, but you’re going to love your Macbook when you get it! Mine was my first Apple product (aside from my iPod), and when I got it I decided I’d never go back!

  • kelly | fabulous k

    1. I love those jeans! Want. 2. Sorry about your computer — how frustrating. But girl, the mac is gonna change your life! It’s the best.

  • Tana Gandhi

    tell me about it! i definitely hope the weather comes around and requires the need for boots and sweaters again! (esp that lovely chunky grey sweater!)

    Aaaand, i hope you love the transition! I just switched to a mac about 6 months ago and totally see why there’s so much to rave about it.

  • Madison Lee

    ack! I remember using a PC. when you switch to a MacBook your whole life turns around! It takes a little time getting used to some changes, but it is well worth it. i hope everything goes well with your computer!

    xx, maddie <3

  • Juni

    that sweater is so gorgeous! and hahah the weather has terrible mood swings eh. hope your computer woes go away soon!

  • Kyla

    Awww, I hope the cooler weather comes soon for you so you can wear that chunky sweater! And sorry to hear about your computer, when they start acting up it can be the worst. Hoping for the best so you can get a Macbook!


    My kind of outfit!!! Love this look!



    My kind of outfit!!! Love this look!


  • e m m a ▼ d e e r

    I haven’t had the time to read my favorite blogs in ages and for that I am so sorry but glad (as always) that I stopped here today. Your blog is always so inspiring to me. Totally swooning over this outfit!
    e m m a ▼ d e e r

  • Yolonda J. Washington // DesignRoundup

    Nice bag ans sweater! Always a fan og grey!

  • Akshara Vivekananthan

    I’ve been a PC person my entire life and I don’t know if I can handle switching over to a Mac! But I do love my iPhone so maybe a change will be called for soon enough. Anyways, I’ll just sit over here and continue to sigh over this entire outfit :)

  • Katie C

    As usual, love this styling! The jeans are the exact shade of grey I’ve been looking for… the next paycheck can’t come soon enough!! (;

  • Phuong Peitsch

    It’s coming into summer here but I keep finding myself looking at sweaters and coats! Sorry to hear about you computer crashing! I have 2 old Macs that both don’t work so I think it’s time for me to get a Macbook pro myself!

  • simply cintya,

    I got my MacBook last year and it’s amazing, I know you’ll take full advantage of it and enjoy it once you get it. Thankfully the weather here in NY has been in the mid 60’s that I’ve been able to wear chunky knit sweaters. This outfit is gorgeous, especially the bag.

  • pixie lei

    I love gray <3. Almost as much as i love my pro :) most reliable thing ever :) I'm sure you'll love it!

  • drinkcitra

    Ah grey is my favorite color! This is really cute! I can’t believe it’s been warm where you are! I miss the heat…it’s starting to get cooler. omg I was a PC user until last year! lol. It was a nice change to apple :D

  • Stephanie Lula

    Oh the grey! I can’t get enough :)
    Don’t feel guilty, there are still plenty people using PCs. You will love the Mac, I was glad I made the change to Mac.

  • Meghan Kraft

    I’m in love with that slouchy sweater – hello, Autumn uniform! ;)

  • Alison Dulaney

    Love this subdued palette, I need a pair of jeans just like that!

  • Iliana's Notebook

    I love this board! but I am totally with you… the weather is weird, some days feels like fall and some other it gets humid and hot.

  • jessica {creative index}

    I need that sweater! This one would’ve been perfect for my roundup too! haha

    I feel your pain about the computer! My last MAC crashed on me a few times (I had it for 6+ years) and finally got a new earlier this year! It’s a desktop though… more practical for the amount of time I spend on it. Would love to get a Macbook though!