Pretty Blooms

September 3, 2013

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So I’ve never been a flower type of girl. Is that weird? When my fiancé and I started dating, he bought me flowers (& chocolate) all the time. At first I thought it was cheesy, now I appreciate his endearment. And I also appreciate nature’s bold and delicate beauties. I love me some pretty blooms! We always try to keep some fresh flowers around the house – it really brightens up the place, and I love coming home and waking up to their fresh fragrant. I don’t need a bouquet or anything – just a few stems (of pink penoies) will do :)
  • Juni

    I’ve never been a flowers girl either, but I do love keeping fresh flowers around my apartment :) and on the few occasions my boyfriend has bought me flowers, I was actually over the moon! maybe I am more of a flowers girl than I thought!

  • Irela

    I love keeping fresh flowers in the house. Every week I replace them, I usually buy 2 to 3 bouquets and distribute them around our space. Flowers bring so much joy and beauty. Just looking at them make me feel better.

  • Jane

    I love having flowers in the house as well. We try to have them for every week. And my favorites are peonies as well! I just can’t get enough of them!

  • Stephanie Lula

    So guilty! I am a flowers girl. I can’t imagine how my own place will look like soon. :)

  • Gloria

    All I need is a few peonies too :-) Your fiance is too sweet – you’re a lucky lady!

  • ashlyn williams

    pretty blooms are always a must for me. they really do brighten up a room & put a smile on my face.

    these photos are gorgeous


  • Jessica C

    Pink peonies really are my favorite, too! I wish I could find them more conveniently here in my neighborhood! These are some of my favorite flower photos as well! I love the colors and I love the way you laid them out, beautiful as always :) I really really need to start having them around my house more often…


  • Alecia Zasiebida

    Having flowers in my house is the best feeling! IT is something I wish I budgeted for more often (as they can get quite expensive even with a few stems). :)


  • Maru

    I have never been a flower type girl neither, I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one haha, my mom is always telling me that I should always have some fresh flowers at home, but I just don’t pay attention to that I guess. I love this pictures though, so pretty!

  • Latrina M.

    I was the same way growing up! But I remember the first time my husband (boyfriend at the time) brought home one single white rose and my heart just melted. :)

    Now, I absolutely love having flowers in our home. My favorite weekend adventure is picking a bouquet at the farmers market!

    Beautiful design, by the way. I love your work!

  • Aly

    These are beautiful! I wish I could keep fresh flowers all over the house but unfortunately my cats eat them! My favorite are pink gerber daisies! Have a good day!

  • Rowena @ rolala loves

    I always felt like such an odd bird cause I wasn’t much into flowers before either but now I really enjoy having them around. And I’m with you on the few stems of pink peonies – they’re my faves :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  • libys11

    was never a flower type of girlfriend either.. wasn’t fond of the whole chocolate-roses-stuffed animal type of “courtship”. actually.. I’m pretty weird because i don’t like seeing movies (and considering that as a date) nor do i enjoy receiving jewelry as gifts. but i digress.. hahaha!

    but on the whole flower note, i do enjoy single stem flowers in a vase in my room (white lily, peonies, gerber a or a sunflower). there’s just something with having a living thing inside my room. it’s refreshing, i think.

    Animated Confessions

  • Sydney Nguyen

    Mee tooo! I love flowers and especially when there’s only a few rather than a whole bouquet of them. :)

  • Elle

    I’m not really a flower person though I do appreciate how they brighten up a space. I used to pick up flowers more often when I lived by a Whole Foods but I haven’t in so long!

  • drinkcitra

    lol I was the same way! I thought flowers were so cheesy, but now they mean so much more :D

  • Arianna

    There’s nothing I love more than having fresh flowers around the house. We always have something blooming in our yard, so I’m always trimming and bringing them inside. Hope you’re having a great week, sweet girl! xoxo

  • SimplyxClassic

    i LOVE flowers!!! BUT, i dislike how quickly they die! it’s so sad – i need to just buy fake flowers from now on.

  • Stephanie L.

    Your fiance definitely sounds sweet! I love how subtle the pink is in these beautiful blooms!

  • Kyla

    Gorgeous photos! I never used to be a flower girl, but as I get older I just want to fill my house with them :) I’m also a big fan of peonies.

  • Corina Nika

    hehe this is so sweet. i never really liked flowers either, but i grew up to love them!! :)

  • Sandy a la Mode

    i need more flowers in my house, fresh ones!! but stinks they always die soo quickly. :(

    Sandy a la Mode

  • Rhonda Mae

    Awww, that is so sweet… I don’t think I used to be a flower girl either! I’m sure if I had a fiance that brought me some all the time, I’d fall in love with it! Hahaha I feel like your place must be so bright and airy, Victoria!! You’ve inspired me to take some pretty flowers with me to work someday soon. :) xo Hope you’re doing well <333

  • Squeak & Squirrel

    So pretty, all of it. I can smell those roses. And I want casual monday and a piece of Amelie Bralette hanging in my closet too xoxox

  • trishie

    I LOVE flowers, all kinds actually. This photo is beyond gorgeous

  • Sarah Mc.

    Flowers are the easiest way to brighten up my mood! I lucked out and married a guy who likes to give flowers. =) I have resolved to start bringing home flowers occasionally, even if there’s no “reason” at all!

  • Marsa

    sooo pretty! seriously victoria, i love love love all of the collages that you make!!! you’re amazing :)

    and i’ve never been a flower girl either. mostly because they die and their pedals fall everywhere and i have to clean it up haha. but not gonna lie, once in a while it’s nice :)

  • Emma Lock

    Love these images! So pretty! flowers definitely brighten up the place, have a lovely weekend Victoria!

  • J & J

    I love keeping fresh flowers in the house as well, it makes it seem more like a home! Such a lucky girl to be getting flowers from your loved one! x

  • Alexa

    Beautiful flowers! I love having them in the house for their freshness and sweet scent!

  • weheartbeautyblog

    Gorgeous, Victoria! So funny I am obsessed with flowers and always have been – glad you’ve come around! They really are the perfect addition to any home.

    xox Lara

  • Walk This Way

    So gorgeous! I just looove flowers, but I have to admit that I don’t know that much of flowers. But they’re pretty and I also like to have fresh flowers in our apartment! :)

  • Amy (Oh, My)

    You make this look amazingly pretty x