Loving | Currently

September 25, 2013

Hello my lovlies!! Well, look who it is… me! There has been a lot going on in life lately. I don’t want to get into on the blog, but some personal things have occurred that really has turned my world upside down. Because of that, it’s been so hard for me to find the time, focus or inspiration to post. So please bare with me, I will be in and out of this whole blogging thing for a few weeks… or months. It’s not by choice, trust me.

Good news is that in the midst of all the chaos, I’ve met some incredible people who have been giving me wonderful design opportunities, and I’m really thankful for the relationships that have formed from blogging. Can’t wait to show you everything I’ve been working on! Even though I’m not posting as much, I’m still reading and commenting on all your blogs! Here are some things that I’ve been loving lately…

| Creative Collective This series has introduced me to some amazing people! I’m so honored and HAPPY to be featured this week! I know I tend to stay somewhat private, so I hope you’re able to learn a little more about me here. If you haven’t checked out Latrina’s blog, you must – she is the bomb dot com!!

| Stamp and Print DIY I’m all about simple, pretty DIYs. I love the prints Jessica made with her homemade stamps! I can’t wait to try this :)

| The Freelance Life Corina’s most recent post The Freelance Life, “You’re stuck. Now What?” was exactly what I needed!! When I’m feeling uninspired, which is a lot lately, I like to go on walks or do something to clear my mind, what do you do?

Like I said, I will try to post whenever I can, remember you can always follow me on Instagram :)