Summer Basics // Beauty and Style

June 20, 2013

Steven Alan Zip Clutch // Stripe Tee // Chino Shorts
White Tee // Pink Polka-Dot Top & Bottom // Zara Flat Sandals

I’m so excited to collab with my girl, Rhonda! Seriously, I love this girl. She’s beautiful, sweet, and pretty hilarious. We’ve been talking about doing something together for awhile, but our busy schedules kept getting in the way. So, here we are now doing Summer Basics: Beauty and Style.

As you can see, my summer basics are pretty simple. I have just about every color of the J.Crew 3″ Chino Shorts. It’s hard for me to find shorts that fit just right, they’re either too short / too long or too tight / too loose, so I love these. They also have 4″, 5″, 7″, and 9″ for those who prefer a longer style.

I personally don’t know anything about make-up. The only things I use are mascara, eyeliner, and some Fresh Lip Treatment. So, Rhonda’s going to show you a simple make-up regimen using affordable, drug store products! Also, make sure you check out .LASH YouTube channel.

  • Rhonda Mae

    Love!! Thank you so much for collabing with me! I love your Summer Basic picks — especially that Steven Alan clutch and Polka Dot top! Sooo cuutee!! Everything is a classic summer essential. I love it, have a wonderful Thursday Victoria!! <33

  • LC

    love me some good basics!

  • Louisa

    I love the picks, that top is so versatile you can dress it up or down! I really like how you guys teamed up for this fashion and beauty feature, her makeup looks beautiful.


  • weheartbeautyblog

    I love your summer basics. Those shorts are great in ever color! I definitely agree that they are a summer staple. My summer makeup routine is also really simple, just because I hate putting so much work into something I end up sweating off! Plus, when my face is tanner I have less blemishes and therefore no real reason for foundation. Hope you having a great week so far Victoria!

    xox Lara

  • Bettina

    Their 3 in shorts are perfection. I pretty much lived in my black ones last summer, I don’t know why I bothered to get other colors lol.

    Love Madewell’s striped shirts as well they’ve got such a a great fit!

  • Sarah Mc.

    How cool that they have all the variety in lengths! Length is my chief complaint with most shorts.

  • Chocho

    Love your picks, the stripe top is really adorable!

  • SimplyxClassic

    lol, i have the jcrew chino short in just about every color too! what a fun collab! gonna check her out now! <3

  • libys11

    everyone seriously needs the perfect white tee.. something you can totally dress up and down. great basic picks!

  • La Dolce Moda

    I absolutely love these summer picks!
    Specially the pink and white polkadot bikini.

    And this collab is so cool! I’m checking out her summer makeup look right now.
    Congrats on a great blog! I’m a huge fan.
    If you can, check out La Dolce Moda

  • Ali

    Obsessed with this look! and you look beautiful!

  • drinkcitra

    Aw I love your basics! Ahh! It’s too awesome seeing a couple of my favorite bloggers collab! <3

  • Walk This Way

    Loving this collab with you and Rhonda, the makeup goes very well together with your summer basics. I love what you’ve picked, stripes and pink looks chic and cute together! :)
    Hope you’re doing well Victoria<3

  • Jamie @

    I just ordered the J.Crew polka dot retro bikini! I’m anxious to try it on and see how it fits – I’ve never worn a high waisted bathing suit. Cute picks for summer!